Energising Your Commerce

The Modern Payments Consultancy is drawing from over 12 years of competence in mobile & payments technology. We’re working right where the digital meets the physical. And while mobile technology can do a great deal to help us in every scenario of our lives, it is but one part of a larger modern payments view. Today all channels ought to work together in unison for the user and this must be as simple as possible. In our work we follow the best design principle ever articulated:

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. – Leonardo da Vinci

Many organisations have already accomplished the race to their first 100 million users/customers/units. This is happening at an increasing speed. We’re covering a growing list of those here to keep an eye on the increase in speed. We’ll help you accelerate in the race, whether you’re still working on your first 100 million or already targeting the next milestone.

Modern Payments Consultancy

For an overview of the modern payments consultancy services head over to the services page. We can work together to help find the optimal digital commerce solution for your business. Most likely mobile will be an important part of it but we’ll ensure that it all fits together neatly. You will benefit from a balanced approach of cutting edge innovation in modern payments and over a decade of best practices, ensuring use of the latest technology and the highest usage. To read some highlights of my background, visit the background page.

This is an exciting period in the evolution of digital commerce solutions. On the blog page you will find an ongoing stream of articles covering modern payments industry news and analysis. We’re committed to driving the industry forward, so there’s also a fair bit of pro bono work going on. On the Pro Bono page you can find information on the work with Mobey Forum and seedcamp.

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